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BMAS - Blackrock Metal Allergy Screening 


Surgical implants have a wide array of therapeutic uses, most commonly in joint replacements, but also in repair of pes excavatum and spinal disorders, in cardiac devices (stents, patches, pacers, valves), in gynaecological implants, and in dentistry.


Many of the metals used are immunological active, as are the methacrylates and epoxies used in conjunction with several of these devices.


BMAS is a screening services to uncover allergic responses to surgical components via patch testing.


Metal allergies can present atypically as failure of the device, with nonspecific symptoms of localised pain, swelling, warmth, loosening, instability, itching, or burning; localised rash may also be present. 


By identifying a patients response to the most common metals -


  • Nickel,

  • Cobalt,

  • Chromium


all of which are implicated in implant failure due to metal sensitisation; surgeons can now use this information when choosing implants for individual patients.


Methacrylate-based cements are also important contributors to allergies. 

BMAS Logo.jpg

BMAS is governed by Mr Paul Nicholson, carried out by The Allergy Clinic Blackrock Clinic patch testing experts lead by Nurse Director Sandra Walsh. 

Mr Paul Nicholson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Hip, Knee, Trauma. MCh BSc Anat FRCSI FRCS (Tr & Orth) a leader in his field, graduated UCD 1987, Orthopaedic Fellowship 1998. Two years overseas, Fellowship Melbourne Australia specialising in Surface Hip Replacement. Public Appointed Consultant at Tallaght Hospital from April 2002 to August 2012. Over 30 publications in Orthopaedic Literature. Interests in Hip and Knee Joint Replacement.


Special Interests


Lower Limb Surgery,Hip and Knee Joint Arthroscopy including Surface Hip Replacement,Arthroscopy of Knee / Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction.


Research Interests

Trauma Management,Hip Resurfacing.


Current Membership

FRCSI,FRCS (Trs Orth),Mch

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Metal Allergy Screening before your surgery is advisable!