Patch Test FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

How soon before my surgery should I have a metal screening patch test?

As soon as possible after you have been given your surgery date.

What is the cost of metal screening patch testing?

The fee is €250 and includes all three visits. Day 1. Patch application Day 3. Patch removal and first reading. Day 5. Diagnosis.

Where are the patches applied?

On your back.

Can I shower or bathe during my metal allergy screening patch test week?

No. You cannot shower, bathe or swim during the 5 day process. You must keep your back dry to avoid movement of your patches.

Can I excersie during the week of my metal screening patch testing?

No. No sweat inducing activity.

Can I go to work the week of my metal screening patch testing?

Yes. Depending on your job, you can discuss with your Nurse applying your patches.

What are the side effects of metal screening patch testing?

You may experience some itching on your back. You may experience light headaches. You may experience a sick stomach.

Patch test is not suitable - if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have extensive eczema on your back, have a suntan or have applied an artificial suntan, have used a sunbed in the previous 2 weeks, are on a moderate or high dose of steroid tablets or are taking immunosuppressive drugs.