Metal Allergy Screening 

BMAS was established to offer a service to patients who are undergoing prosthesis/implant procedures or surgeries.

We test our patients for a sensitivity or allergic reaction to implant metals.

  • Potassium Dichromate 0.5% pet

  • Cobalt(11) Chloride Hexahydrate 1% pet

  • Titanium 10%

  • Nickel Sulphate

  • Polyethylene Glycol

  • Methacrylate-based cements 


When to screen for metal allergies?

  • Before surgery to prevent hypersensitivity related problems

  • After surgery when material hypersensitivity is suspected.

What category do we test? 

  • Orthopaedic metals and plastics.

  • Dental Materials.

  • Cardiac Devices. 




How do we test for metal sensitivies or allergies?

Doctor testing a childs skin in her offi

Patch Test explained!

A patch test is a method used to determine whether a specific substance causes allergic inflammation of a patient's skin. ... Patch testing helps identify which substances may be causing a delayed-type allergic reaction in a patient, and may identify allergens not identified by blood testing or skin prick testing. Metal allergy screening takes place over a 5 day period. 


  • What is involved in a Patch test? 

  • You will need to attend the clinic for three consecutive visits in one week.

  • On the first visit, each substance to be tested will be applied to your back in special small disc (about 1cm in diameter) containers held in place by hypoallergenic tape. The location of the containers is identified by marking your back with ink.

  • Itching of the test areas is normal, but you are strongly advised not to scratch.

  • You should allow up to 1 hours for the first visit.  

  • The patches will remain taped in place until your next visit, when the taping is removed and any reactions noted.

  • You should allow up to 1 hour for the second visit. 

  • The marking ink can remain on your back for a further two days.

  • On the third visit, your back will be examined and any reactions will be discussed with you.

  • You should allow up to 30mins for the third visit.