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Metal Allergy Symptoms 

An allergic reaction to metal can be a highly irritating and even painful experience.


Typically, the skin breaks out in a rash around the area the metal has been inserted into the body.

Symptoms of metal allergy:


  • Skin turns red,

  • Skin becomes itchy,

  • Painful fluid-filled blisters, 

  • Swelling of the joint,

  • Heat around the joint,

  • Generally feeling unwell,

  • There is no allergy medication that can cure a metal allergy, but precautions can be taken to eliminate the exposure by preoperative screening to minimise or prevent the discomfort.

Heavy metal poisoning may result in symptoms like, 

  • hormonal imbalances,

  • depression,

  • cancer and food allergies. 

Metal Allergy Screening can detect metal allergies before your surgery. 

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